CIR's Safety Program Mission Statement

Create and encourage a safety minded environment where CIR performs roofing at the highest professional level while keeping our roofers and customers safe. By utilizing real-life situational training along with on-site safety programs, CIR is committed to proactively supporting all WISHA and OSHA regulations.

CIR's Typical

Jobsite/Pre-work Practices

Inspect and Evaluate

Our roof technicians inspect the roof and the jobsite in general to evaluate the existing conditions and to predetermine areas that may present potential safety concerns.

Devise Safety Plan

Once the potential hazards have been identified, a plan will be devised to protect our roofers from falling.

Use Proper Harnesses

If there is no parapet wall of at least 39” in height and the drop hazard is 4" or greater, we will implement a Safety Monitor system or have each roofer wear a full body safety harness and be tied-off to a fall arrest rated roof anchor.

Post Safety Plan

A site specific Fall Avoidance Work Safety Plan is created and posted in a conspicuous location on the structure in advance of our techs getting onto the roof to commence any work.

Protect Pedestrians

If our work will take place in an area where ingress or egress to the building takes place, we will arrange safety cones and caution tape to limit or prevent pedestrian exposure to falling objects in the area we are working.

Communicate With Clients

We always communicate our intent to perform work with owners and occupants of building prior to commencement of work being performed.